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Watch out for imitations

Make sure your equipment is in safe hands with the only insurance endorsed by Sky.

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Watch out for misleading imitations

Sky Protect is the only insurance endorsed by Sky and it‘s provided by Domestic & General Insurance PLC. Other companies can offer you cover for your digital satellite equipment. It is against the law for them to say that they are Sky or that they‘re contacting you with permission from Sky, just something to keep an eye out for. Sky has successfully brought claims against some companies for misleading Sky customers in this way.

Just to let you know, Sky will never authorise the disclosure of your details to these companies or allow them to use customer information in any way. Sky actively monitors companies selling protection for digital satellite equipment that it receives complaints about, including the source of the data used by those companies.

Protection from a name you can trust

Sky Protect is the only insurance endorsed by Sky and is provided by the UK's leading specialist warranty provider Domestic & General. So if any of your Sky equipment develops a fault or gets accidentally damaged, you can rely on us to get you up and running again. We'll send a Sky-approved engineer to your home to repair or replace it as soon as possible. And Sky Protect covers you for as many repairs as you need.

How can I avoid being mislead?

If you're contacted by a company claiming to offer Sky endorsed protection, or claiming to be calling on behalf of Sky or Domestic & General, here's what to look out for:

  • The name of their company. If they aren‘t from Domestic & General they aren‘t approved or endorsed by Sky.
  • The name of the product they offer. If it‘s not Sky Protect, it‘s not endorsed by Sky.
  • The ability to confirm your Sky account number, your box type and when you first subscribed to Sky. Only Sky Protect call centre agents will have these details.

If they‘re not able to answer these questions, they're not Sky Protect. It's as simple as that.

Get in touch with us to make sure that you have Sky Protect.

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